We are now singing together again.

Do you like the idea of singing for pleasure with other people? If so, then this community choir could be for you, and you can come along, free of charge, to find out!

There are some members who have never sung before, some who haven't sung since school, some who have sung regularly all their lives. Some can't read music; others are proficient readers. What binds us together is the love of singing music in a light-hearted but business-like way.

We have a varied repertoire: folk songs, chants, popular songs, classical songs, rounds, songs from musicals etc. We work on the basis that if you don't like the song we're singing now, hopefully you'll like the next. The songs are taught by rote but supported with staff notation; you don't need to be able to read music but some members find the notation helpful, and several are reading music more fluently than before.

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