Periodic surveys of members are conducted anonymously to find out what is going well and what not so well. The “unsigned” ones below are from these surveys.

The full results of the surveys can be found at the bottom of this page.


I enjoyed my few years with you all and was made very welcome at all times and on all occasions when we ventured out and about. Your charitable work is wonderful. Elizabeth Smith

Many thanks for organising these [online] sessions which are a very enjoyable interlude in the middles of the week.  I particularly like the eclectic mix of music and have welcomed the opportunity to 'find my voice' in a situation that does not cause pain to anyone else who might hear! So for me the virtual sessions have been an advantage although it will be good when we can all meet up again. Diana Biddlestone

I hugely enjoy the choir - it’s relaxed and fun, but focussed and purposeful, too.
I like the wide-ranging repertoire you bring for us. I don’t know of any other choir where we could have a folk song (“Soldier, Soldier”), a Beatles song and a chorus from a Verdi opera on the same set-list!
The concert at St. Mary’s was wonderful: our guests enjoyed the evening, and Hilary’s report of passers-by coming in because we were making such a wonderful sound shows we’re doing something right! Ian Moore

Thank you, and again thank you for organising such a lovely day [in Cirencester] - it had that touch of John and Marian magic at every turn. Joan Livingstone

The highlight of my week was coming on a Wednesday morning to SfP, and I miss it so much. I have been in many choirs and SfP has always been my favourite for the variety of songs, the fun we have, the friendship and a great atmosphere. June Eames

An interesting and rewarding year. Good, varied repertoire and, as always, well taught and coached. Audio files ( mp3s ) very helpful as a teaching aid.

As usual, most enjoyable. A lovely bunch of people and an outstanding director. Interesting how a song that starts as a real problem (eg Scarborough Fair), eventually comes together. Just needs work. Worth doing.

I enjoy our weekly sessions. I really loved our visit to the school. I did wonder whether they would enjoy being sung by Old People, but their response was superb. Can we do something similar again please?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Singing for Pleasure experience over the last 6 months. I was slightly confused about which part to sing in one of the songs which is more than probably down to my not paying attention! I enjoy the variety of songs that we sing as well as the friendliness of the choir - so please keep up the good work. Many thanks to you and Marian for all your hard work in organising our Wednesday sessions and the trip to Narbonne. Lesley Atkinson

A very enjoyable first term with Singing for Pleasure for me. I appreciate the welcome that has been extended to me and I have found the company and friendship very nourishing. I always enjoy the Wednesday morning sessions and look forward to singing (and improving) each week. I am sorry that the summer break is so long. Thank you John and Marion for your hard work and endless patience.

I wake up on a Wednesday morning and think, "Oh great, it is Singing for Pleasure today, my favourite day of the week." There is so much joy to be had with us all singing together. Cares and worries can be put aside as we sing a variety of songs. The choice of songs we sing is great, some are from popular musicals and others are unknown and challenging, for example: singing in Welsh for David of the White Rock also A l'entrada del temps clar. We need to be 'stretched' as this is how we grow musically and many thanks to you John. I appreciate your relaxed way of leading the group, but you still manage to get us to sing the write notes and with expression! Some conductors I have endured have screamed and shouted at choir members and I have dreaded the practices as it has neared a forthcoming concert. So, John, please keep up your good work!

Wednesday is my favourite morning! I really enjoy the singing and the friendly atmosphere. Long may it continue. 

I enjoy both the variety of music and of process - learning some by ear and some with music. Thanks to John for his teaching skill and thorough presentation

As a new member, I felt that I was particularly made welcome by other members and much appreciated their help and support, particularly your own. The relaxed atmosphere and your leadership makes singing a pleasure.

Everything, you make each lesson so enjoyable and fun. I liked the idea that you asked the audience to join in on some of the tunes at Whittle Court. Now that more men have joined use we have a much richer sound. Now that so many new people have joined and are still coming, indicates that you have the balance just right.

I have enjoyed our sessions so much - it is joyful to sing altogether.
Ann Blight

I 'm very happy with your selection [of songs] and  the total experience is delightful!

Thank you, John, for making Wednesday mornings so enjoyable and such fun, as well as challenging! 

I value your preparedness and patience.

What a clever person you are to turn a group of hum-drum hummers into people who can sing – most of the time! 

The trip forged new friendships and strengthened blossoming ones which must be a good thing. The supportive and good humoured atmosphere that we created as a group was one of the lasting impressions for us both. The programme worked a treat and the balance of all aspects was just right for us. The organisation was strong but relaxed, and the delicate balance was just right. 

The organisation was good and the atmosphere very relaxed and a great team spirit. What with the lovely area and our central position - and the weather! What more could you ask? 

Getting to know everyone better and the fun and camaraderie that we had. Hopefully, passing on our love of singing to the audience The appreciation that we received from the audiences, especially when we sang the French songs.

The whole thing was a great experience. The joy on the faces of some of the residents made it very worthwhile and made me feel we had helped to improve their day.

Just like to say how brilliant choir was today I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nigel Hulme

The general bonhomie of the group and the standard they achieve.You John lead by example and cultivate the success of the group

I really enjoyed Wednesday morning. This term there seems to be more rigour, and expectations of us seem to be higher. I feel we are gelling as a group and there is a buzz. I had never sung, even in the shower, before last year and have discovered how liberating and joyful it is, so thank you.
Lynne Wright

I enjoy and appreciate the variety of songs we are taught.

The fun and enjoyment we have each week, plus the concerts. Thank you John, for your relaxed style of leading, I wish all choir leaders could be the same! As our name is Singing for Pleasure, we certainly live up to this title.

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