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The removal of legal restrictions from 1 April do not mean Covid risks have gone, but they are changing. The vaccination programme and natural immunity have led to high antibody rates across the population. This, coupled with milder variants, means the risk to an individual’s health and of the NHS being overwhelmed is significantly reduced.

Reduced risk means the focus is changing and the emphasis is now on living with Covid. Previous Covid-specific health regulation and guidance is being replaced with more general public health guidance, and organisations will no longer be required to carry out a specific Covid risk assessment, though they are expected to address Covid risks as part of their general risk assessment.

Groups like ours are still responsible for providing a safe environment at rehearsals. Considering Covid will continue to be part of that, adopting safer behaviours may well mean embedding some of the things we have been doing over the last two years into standard practice. It is also worth noting that this continues to be a changing situation. We will need to adapt what we're doing over time.

So from 1 April we will keep the earlier mitigations in place (space between chairs, well ventilated room, sanitising as appropriate, respecting other people's spaces) but there will be no need to wear a mask and no need to have taken a lateral flow test beforehand.

This is all spelled out in the latest version of our health protocol

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